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Moonbase Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Ajay

Special Dance:
Press "SHIFT" and "ALT" to do a special dance.

MONEY:    641CE

Speed Glitch:
Submitted by: Darkas

First off, log in and stand somewhere.Secondly, you must know where a button is.
It is the upscroll key with the icon ^ on it. Rapidly click it about 30 times 
and ur screnn will be all jumping and slow. Hold up and then when u move about 
3 steps hold both down and up. Your Moonbase astronaut will speed into blackness,
or if you are lucky, you can time it right to send him or her on the other side 
of the base... Happy speeding!

Moonbase Stunts:
Submitted by: Reece

Make Your Gravity Low Then Get On Vehicle then Move Fast On The Rock then it works.

How To Go On Earth:
Submitted by: Cheat Master

Set your gravity to low, align yourself parallel to Earth on the Moon and go to edge 
of moon and fly directly to Earth without moving left or right.
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