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Mob Rule Cheats

Mob Rule

Cheat Codes:
Submittted by: Al Capone

Enter one of the following codes and press [Enter] at the team color
selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter any
other codes as needed, then start the game. Press C during game play
to toggle the selected cheat(s). 

Result                                 Code
Higher speed in network game         - speed364 
Produce workers all the time         - worker928 
All weapons                          - weapons563 
Select tenants                       - tenants872 
Unlimited bank loans                 - loans458 
Can buy all land                     - estates216 
Can buy all houses                   - houses462 
Purchased house appears immediately  - build830 
All gadgets                          - gadgets215 
Immediate upgrades                   - upgrade934 
All maps                             - maps029 
Can pick up enemy houses             - pickup036

Real Estate Scam:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

All houses sell for more than they were bought for immedietly after production.
You dont even have to put a tenant in the house. level 1 houses (drinkin dens, 
soup kitchens) are sold for $1000+ more. level 2 houses (Peep show, quacks 
office) sell for $2000+ more. level 3 houses sell for $2500+ more, level 4 
houses for $3000+ more, and level 5 houses sell for $4000+ more. 
If you designate one block to bilding these homes, then you can make a lot of

Rangoon Rumpus: 
Submitted by: Lam Nguyen

Part i can't pass it because it say i need to build a hotel and get full
sercurity for the place and i did but still it does not approve dat i did. 
I put a police in the gandhotel and a gangster in it too but it does not 
let me pass that stage so please help give me some tip.

Easy money:
Enable the "Borrow any amount" code. Borrow up to $21,475,000 from the bank. 
The bank will pay the player $214,756 each month instead of the player having
to pay the bank interest on the loan.

Retain value of houses:
When you are just about to finish the last mission of a city, quickly sell 
all your houses, or as many houses as you can. The houses do not carry on 
into the next city, but the money does.

Converting buildings:
To covert buildings quicker, send all of your workers to a building. They 
will convert a building up to three times faster than a fixer will. Make 
sure you send gangsters to escort them to kill off any hostiles before 
doing so, as workers are the most weakest units.

Guard dogs:
If a house that you need to destroy or take over has a guard dog on the grounds,
send one or more gangsters to the house. When the dog comes out, attack the dog.
Once the dog is dead, you will be able to do whatever you want.

Dead Dog Ditch:
In Dead Dog Ditch, make lots of Ghost Gunk generators in 
advance. Ghosts are a huge problem in this level, and will 
often invade your houses.

Rangoon Rumpus:
To complete the final mission of Rangoon Rumpus, get your gangsters to do the
following things. First, find and kill Limp Lenny. He will be easy to find, as
he will be wearing team colors and a big hat. Then, destroy the most valuable 
houses. Start off with the ones who are breeding (look for the baby icon above
the house). Then, destroy the Steel factory. Kill gangsters, fixers and workers
whenever possible, and make sure you destroy any replacement houses that the 
enemy builds. Next, destroy the Gadget factory and Brick factory. Kill as many
of the enemy's men as possible. Finally, destroy the Cement factory, along with
the Soup Kitchens and Drinking Dens. This should give you a chance to kill 
everyone on the other team. When everyone is dead, destroy the HQ. This will 
get you to the end of one of the hardest missions in the entire game.

Paid for Unlimited Loans:
Enter the loans code at the team color select screen. Then while playing the
game borrow $21,475,000 or more and the bank will pay you throughout the game
10% of what you borrowed!
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