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Miss Popularity Cheats

Miss Popularity

More money:
Submitted by: RM

Wash the car near your friend's house and walk the dog. Then, return
to your house and do any three tasks (talk to father, take a bath, 
listen to music, etc.). Go out of your house again to wash the car 
and walk the dog. Repeat this for as much money as desired.

How To Get Home Fast From The Mall:
Submitted by: Calire

Go to the front of the mall and look for an elivator that has 2 above
it (or by the clothing store) then yull find your mom and shell have 
bags next to her the go in the pink thing and click it then when its 
done loading youll be home.

Seeing your dreamboy:
Submitted by: Immortal Angel

If you wanna see where your dreamboy is, collect all 25 hearts then restyle your 
dream boy...If he's some kind in a room/house you can't go to him since he's in 
HIS HOUSE but when you see that he's outside, for example he looks like in the 
park/soccer field/skating corner etc. you can go to him.
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