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Might Cheats


Steam achievement:
Submitted by: Bonek

Bounty Hunter           - Complete all bounty side quests
Collect ‘em all!        - Unlock all special units
Fusion Fanatic          - Triple fuse an attack formation in battle
Hero of Might and Magic - Complete all main quest and side quest objectives in all Campaigns
Legend of Battles       - Reach level 10 in online multiplayer mode
Online Hero             - Win a battle in 1 vs. 1 online mode.
Sir-Links-a-Lot         - Create a link of 5 formations in battle
Skilled Strategist      - Complete all Battle Puzzles in each Campaign
Team Player             - Win a battle in 2 vs. 2 online mode
Treasure Hunter         - Collect all artifacts of each single player campaign
Unstoppable Army        - Reach a Hero level of 10 and max out all units to level 5 in any Campaign
Young Hero              - Win a battle in the Sylvan campaign

"I Am the Boss" achievements:
Overkill                    - Deal an additional 100HP of damage to the enemy Hero on 
                              the finishing blow.
Villains of Might and Magic - Win a battle using any of the playable Villain characters.
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