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Microsoft Golf 2001 Edition Cheats

Microsoft Golf 2001 Edition

Submitted by: rickHH

At Pro or Championship skill levels, Golf 2001 offers stern
punishment to those who overpower their backswing and then 
miss the snap point. The better course of action is to keep
your shot conservative and stay on the fairway. 

When going with the Powerstroke swing method, do whatever you
can to slow the speed at which you must move your mouse. 
Choosing a longer-hitting club is a good idea, but your best
option is to head for the System Settings area and raise the 
Powerstroke Sensitivity. This will elicit more power from a 
slower-moving mouse and allow you to keep the speed a bit more 

Make use of Golf's on-course Clubs menu and the shot options 
it provides. Punch and flop shots really do help you when 
chipping onto severely angled greens or hacking your way over 
particularly imposing berms. 

As is the case with most golf games that incorporate a mouse 
movement swing option, using a ruler or other straight-edge 
as a guide for your mouse will help keep your shot from hooking 
or slicing. This is blatant cheating, of course, and is 
recommended only to those who are already morally bankrupt.
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