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Microsoft Flight Simulator 1995 Cheats

Microsoft Flight Simulator 1995

Cheat Codes:
Type this code at the beginning of the simulation press [Y]
then [F4] gains altitude before you even take off.

View development team:
Start the program select the "World", followed by "Set Exact Location"
choices from the menu. Set the latitude/longitude to "N047* 39' 23" 
W122* 08' 40.5". Set the altitude to "0". Set the heading to "340". 
This will place your aircraft in front of a building at Microsoft 
headquarters in Redmond, WA. Press Y to enable slow mode and press 
[Keypad 8] approximately three times to enter the lobby. Press [Keypad 5]
at the mural on the wall to view two pictures of the development team.

Installing help:
If like me, you've lost the keycode for one reason or another, 
then open the CD-ROM drive when asked for the keycode. Then hold
down 4 until all the boxes are filled, then close the ROM drive,
and hit enter.
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