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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition Cheats

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition

Submitted by: rickHH

Although a fast video card is certainly important, raw CPU speed
and memory provide the biggest performance gains when running this
sim. Scenery-loading pauses can be dramatically reduced if you 
have 128MB or more of RAM, and the frame rates will become almost
playable if you're cycling them through a Pentium III processor. 

You can reduce the scenery-loading pauses that occur when switching
cockpit views by pausing the game and then selectively going through
each perspective in sequence. This caches the information into memory
so that the graphics will load much more quickly the next time you 
select these views. Over time, this cached memory can be overwritten,
so you should perform these steps again before executing a landing 
(because you need to look out the window a lot).
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