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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Cheats

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000

Flying the Concorde demands that you carefully monitor the aircraft's
fuel distribution to ensure a proper center of gravity for supersonic
flight. Keep the fuel panel window (Shift-4) permanently displayed 
over the regular instrument panel so you can quickly pump fuel reserves
as needed to maintain the correct center of gravity. 

Turning on the axis indicator from the View Options pull-down menu 
permits you to line up your final approaches with much greater precision.
Having a small, red V in the middle of your windshield to denote the 
plane's centerline helps to make those touchdowns a little more accurate.

Easy climb:
Hold [F4] while flying then press Y. Release both keys and your aircraft
should be climbing without putting the nose up. 

Open main exit:
While flying press [Shift] + E.
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