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Miami Vice Cheats

Miami Vice

Cheat Codes:
Successfully complete the game and get all the FlashRAMs. Go to
the police station. Go to the Hackers screen and "Unlock Cheat 
Suit" will appear. Go to that and do the phases. After all three
are completed, go to the tailors. The Cheat Suit will be available
for $100,000. You can buy and upgrade the suit to get better cheats.

When you have enough money to buy armor, spend it on them. It will
be as if you have double health.

Cheat Codes:
This cheat will give you unlimited men in the game. 
and STATIC3.EXE are in your current sub-directory.

Type From The DOS Prompt:
ren static1.exe static1
ren boats.exe boats
ren scroll.exe scroll
ren static2.exe static2
ren static3.exe static3
n static1
e 4add 90 90 90 90
e 4d55 90 90 90 90
n boats
e 5042 90 90 90 90
e 5860 90 90 90 90
n scroll
e 5190 90 90 90 90
e 59c8 90 90 90 90
n static2
e 3cf2 90 90 90 90
e 3fe5 90 90 90 90
n static3
e 3a34 90 90 90 90
e 3c93 90 90 90 90

ren static1 static1.exe
ren boats boats.exe
ren scroll scroll.exe
ren static2 static2.exe
ren static3 static3.exe
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