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Metal Marines Cheats

Metal Marines

Cheat Codes:
Again, we provide you with all the level passcodes:

Level Name           Password 
1     Gaea           PNTM 
2     Cougar         HBBT 
3     Eagle          PCRC 
4     Bison          NWTN 
5     Grampus        LSMD 
6     Iceberg        CLST 
7     Eurostorm I    JPTR 
8     Eurostorm II   NBLR 
9     Eurostorm III  PRSC 
10    Artemis        PHTN 
11    Poseidon       TRNS 
12    Kingdom        RNSN 
13    Sandstorm      ZDCP 
14    Zihard         FKDV 
15    Kiwi           YSHM 
16    Snarlfish      CLPD 
17    Marlion        LNVV 
18    Chinglong      JFMR 
19    Sukura         JCRY 
20    Sunrise        KNLB
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