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Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes Cheats

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cassette Tapes Locations Guide:
* Chico’s Tape 1 (Rescue Intel Operative): Complete the Side Op — unlocks 
  after completing the Ground Zeroes Main Op. 
* Chico’s Tape 2 (Ground Zeroes): Found in the central control tower 
  watching the main gates of the Admin building. 
* Chico’s Tape 3 (Ground Zeroes): Automatically collected after rescuing Chico.
* Chico’s Tape 4 (Ground Zeroes): Rescue and extract via chopper the prisoner
  to be executed. He will appear after rescuing Chico in the southwest refugee
* Chico’s Tape 5 (Ground Zeroes): Located in a dumpster at the top of the stairs
  leading down to the boiler rooms in the Admin compound. Look in the corner, 
  to the left of the railings where there’s a spinning yellow light. The tape 
  can only be collected before rescuing Chico. 
* Chico’s Tape 6 (Eliminate Renegade Threat): Found inside the armor at the center
  of the base, near the Anti-Air turret and watchtowers. 
* Chico’s Tape 7 (Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements): Rescue the prisoner in the 
  boiler room cell, where Paz was previously located in the Ground Zeroes op to 
  unlock this tape. 
* Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (Ground Zeroes): Find in the cell directly 
  behind Chico, in the old prison. 
* Classified Intel Data (Classified Intel Acquisition): Gained by interrogating
  the CIA contact after acquiring the Agent’s Recording in the central control 
  tower overlooking the Admin building main gate. Follow his instructions to 
  collect the tape. Attempt to interrogate him several times and he’ll reveal 
  that a bald soldier has taken his intel. Find the bald soldier and interrogate
  him several more times to discover the missing tape. 
* Agent’s Recording (Classified Intel Acquisition): Found inside the Admin 
  building’s central control tower. 
* Classified Tape (Deja Vu / Jamais Vu): A tape with bonus soundtracks from 
  previous Metal Gear games can be found near the rocky cave where Snake 
  previously extracted Chico. 
* Zone of Enders: Second Runner (All Missions): Earn S-Rank on all missions.

Moai statues:
You can find five Moai statues during the Intel Operative Rescue side mission. 

* On top of the tower after the first five enemies and the helicopters circle 
  around to the warehouse area. 
* Inside Chico's cell.
* In the watchtower on the corner of the administrator building, where the guard
  tries to fire a rocket launcher. 
* Get off the helicopter and kill all of the enemies at the base. Run to the rocket
  launcher. Wait for the gate to open, then allow the tank to pass. The Moai statue
  can now be found at the bottom right corner of the gate. It must be collected 
  before the gate closes. 
* Search the square roof at the base of the large tower that the other helicopter 
  blows up. You may need to circle the tower a few times to have the opportunity to
  hit it.

Easy "Unlocked" achievement:
After completing a mission you can see the available trials in the menu. However
some must be unlocked first. Under the normal difficulty setting you have to mark
all enemies in each mission (trial "mark all enemies", except intel operative rescue)
to unlock all missing trials. Under the hard difficulty setting you must complete 
each mission once again (trial "fastest completion", except intel operative rescue)
to unlock all missing trials.
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