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Messiah Cheats


Cheat Codes:
In the game, press Escape, then type (not too fast or too 
slow and no pausing):

Code             Result 
ucantkillme    - Activate God Mode (Only for Bob, not the Host)
fleshnblood    - Deactivate God Mode 
braindead      - AI Off 
einstein       - AI On 
icantsee       - AI Vision Off 
icanseeu       - AI Vision On 
freezecam      - Freezes Camera 
thawcam        - Thaws Camera 
toohardforme   - End Current Game 
charwireon     - Character Wireframe On 
charwireoff    - Character Wire Off 
worldwireon    - World Wireframe On 
worldwireoff   - World Wireframe Off 
onpolycount    - Polycount On 
offpolycount   - Polycount Off 
gamespot       - Spawn Weapon Ammo 
voodooextreme  - Spawn Bazooka 
softwarebuys   - Spawn Grenades 
weldme         - Spawn Welding Torch 
buzzbuzz       - Spawn Buzzsaw 
boomstick      - Spawn Pumpgun 
rapidfire      - Spawn Machinegun 
slicendice     - Spawn Maimer 
lightmeup      - Spawn Flamethrower 
cooloff        - Spawn Pak Gun 
bigbang        - Spawn Bazooka 
coolfx         - Spawn Maser 
stickaround    - Spawn Harpoon Gun 
illbeback      - Spawn Weapon Ammo 
getsome        - Spawn Grenades 
lcop           - Spawn Light Cop 
mcop           - Spawn Medium Cop 
hcop           - Spawn Heavy Cop 
rcop           - Spawn Riot Cop 
guncmndr       - Spawn Gun Commander 
incharge       - Spawn Domina 
mynightmare    - Spawn Armored Behemoth 
cantseemyface  - Spawn Welder 
workinman      - Spawn Worker 
egghead        - Spawn Scientist 
glowstick      - Spawn Radiation Worker 
heydoc         - Spawn Medic 
smellyguy      - Spawn Chot 1 
nohygiene      - Spawn Chot 2 
idontdance     - Spawn Chot 3 
scumbucket     - Spawn Chot 4 
chotling       - Spawn Chot Dwarf 
smellysteroids - Spawn Chot Behemoth 
fungirl        - Spawn Fungirl 
workit         - Spawn Prost 1 
mansdream      - Spawn Prost 2 
specialguy     - Spawn Hung 
averagejoe     - Spawn Male Dweller 1 
averagejack    - Spawn Male Dweller 2 
averagejohn    - Spawn Male Dweller 3 
janeplain      - Spawn Female Dweller 1 
jillplain      - Spawn Female Dweller 2 
femfatale      - Spawn Subgirl 1 
nastyone       - Spawn Subgirl 2 
varmint        - Spawn Rat 
bestfriend     - Spawn Barman 
bringmeadrink  - Spawn Waitress 
bustamove      - Spawn Dancer 1 
cutarug        - Spawn Dancer 2 
mixalot        - Spawn DJ 
tophat         - Spawn Pimp Daddy 
onsteroids     - Spawn Behemoth 
addedfirepower - Spawn Offensive Bot 
keepmecompany  - Spawn Companion Bot 
letmein        - Spawn Bouncer

* Stealth is your ally. Be patient and try not to be seen while you are
  trying to possess someone. 

* Remember that you can use sniping mode to get a close-up look at things.
  It's not just for combat. 

* Don't forget that you can crouch and also glide. To glide, press and hold
  the Jump button. 

* You might find it handy to harm or even kill your host body. Hosts will
  often be mad at you when you dispossess them, so you can get away from 
  them if they are hurt or even falling to their death. 

* Don't forget that you can possess nonhumans, such as rats. These creatures
  might allow you to get into areas you otherwise couldn't.
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