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Meridian 59 Cheats

Meridian 59

- GameTips - 

If you don't see a sign on a door in town, be very careful
about going in. If you're a newbie, look out for the message
from your guardian angel; when the angel whispers "I cannot 
protect you here," turn around and get the heck out of the 
room pronto. The place you've entered is the foyer of a guild
hall, and Meridian is worse than the state of Texas for the 
old "make my day" law. The guild can, and will, kill any 
intruders in the hall, including newbies.

Fight often and don't be shy. You're going to have to kill a
heck of a lot of giant rats and baby spiders when you start 
the game just to build up your strength and hit points. If 
you see something you can't handle, on the other hand, like a
mutant ant or a troll, hit the Shift key and run like hell.
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