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Men of Valor Cheats

Men of Valor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: star.fleet 

Press [Tab] to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following

Code             Effect
dinkydau       - god mode
madminute      - tout ammo

Start again for each safeguard.

Save Game Cheat:
Submitted by: Andy Roo

Go into save folder in men of valor. Double click on a savegame. Find the line
which reads; Health=67(the actual figure here will vary).

Simply change it to anywhere between 100 - 100000.
You now last a lot longer before you die but you are not invincible.

Rushing the hill:
Submitted by: conner54

When you are rushing the hill under the easy difficulty setting, just rush
up the right side. If you try to kill everyone first it will not work -- 
they just keep appearing.

Note: The VC appear on both sides after eliminating the first two turret
bunkers -- rushing up the right side does not work under the normal or 
hard difficulty settings. Instead, stay prone and crawl up the middle. 
The turrets cannot see you, and neither can the VC because they are being
suppressed by the rest of your platoon. 

Disable intro movie:
Go to the directory where the game is installed and then to the 
"movies\fullintromovies" folder. Find a file called "FullIntroMovies.bik"
and rename it to "FullIntroMovies". 

General strategies:
Treat every level like a real combat situation. Continually advance, but always
get cover as soon as possible. Take as much time as needed, within reason. Never
enter a building without throwing in a grenade first, or if there is windows, 
aim your sight at them from a safe distance while keeping cover. Your sight will
show you where they are. Remember, if you do not advance quick enough VC and NVA
will keep appearing in surrounding areas, including behind you in some levels. 
Discarding your M16 is always a must. Try using an AK47, as there is more than 
enough of them laying around. If done correctly, you will never be short on 
ammunition. Take the tunnels slow; sometimes you will get face to face with the
enemy crawling the other way.

Clearing the hill:
On one of the levels later in the game you must get behind a bunker to plant a
C4 explosive to destroy it. However you must not go forward as it is practically
no man's land. You must go to the left and around. There will be a little tunnel. 
Go through it, then you will be next to the bunker. Plant the C4 there.
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