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Melty Blood ReACT Final Tuned Cheats

Melty Blood Re-ACT Final Tuned

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Fight against G-Akiha:
Highlight the "Arcade Mode" option at the menu, then hold "D" and press "A" 
to select it. The character selection screen background will turn blue to 
confirm correct code entry. The best times that G-Akiha has been defeated 
will also be posted on a screen. 

Fight against Aozaki Aoko:
Successfully complete Arcade mode without losing any fights to fight 
Aozaki Aoko after White Len. Win the match to unlock hidden dialogue 
during the ending credits and an extra image of the character that 
defeated her. 

Hidden options:
Hold "D" while entering the options menu to access hidden options that
allow changes to the speed, recovery type from attacks, and more.
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