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Megaman X4 Cheats

Megaman X4


Hold UP while selecting Zero at the character select screen. When the
game starts you will notice Zero is black. This is NOT just a new 
graphic as is written somewhere in this database, but when Zero runs
low on health then this hovering robot appears above you, which if you
kill with your sword you will get a health capsule.


Usually to get the ultimate armor you have to visit all the armor capsules
in different stages and get the ultimate armor piece by piece, but the 
following tells how to get the full armor by finding only one armor capsule
& also the energy of your super weapons (the weapons you get after defeating
level bosses)will not decrease, unless you charge the super weapon. At the 
character select screen hold DOWN while selecting X. You will notice when 
the game starts, parts of megaman is purple. Now visit any armor capsule 
and instead of getting a part of the ultimate armor you will get the full
armor. You will also then notice that the energy of your super weapons (the
weapons you get after defeating level bosses)will not decrease, unless you 
charge the super weapon. Now, you ask where are the armor capsules. There 
are many but you'll only need one after applying the above cheat. The easiest
to find is the one in the Web Spider's Stage. In the place where the big 
waterfall appears behind you there is an area to the extrme right where 
there is an armor capsule. Just explore in the area, you'll find it. 

NOTE: Armor capsules only appear for X and not Zero.)

Get Ultimate Armour for X:
At the character select screen hold down (UP) key and press ENTER (While
selecting X) then go to Web Spider's stage and go to where the leg Armour
is usually placed. You will get the Ultimate Armour instead. This gives 
you all armour modifications with a cool new graphic and the secret body
crash attack which will kill just about anything.

Play as Dark Zero:
Not really a cheat ,just a new graphic - ,just hold the (DOWN) key while
having the selector on Zero to play as Dark Zero. 

Ultimate and Dark Armor
To get x's ultimate armor, start a new game and hold down and press fire
then find any armor capsule in the game to get his ultimate armor.
To get zero's dark armor, hold up and press fire at the character select
screen (your cursor has to be on zero).
Beat all bosses (except last) and all Weapons:
During gameplay type in XSTUFF.

Megaman X's Ultimate armor (Japanese version):
Press [Up] and [Shoot] buttons while selecting Zero. Enter a special armor
capsule to receive the new armor.

Beat ALL the bosses:
First at the character select menu hold down+f and c megaman shoul be porple
in some areas than when you beat the starting mission go to web spider level
were you wuold normaly find te leg pieces youll find a black armor. your 
giga atack (f buton)should be diferent than usual. use that and i guarante 
beating the boses wil be a piece of cake.
Note: This migt not work with jetstignray (the motor cicle dude) inthet case 
use the ice weapon and it will even easier.

Locations of Armor Capsules:
The Boots upgrade is located in Web Spider's stage, in a small cave at the 
waterfall section right at the beginning of the stage. The Boots allow X to
air dash, as well as hover (press the jump button twice to hover).
The Helmet upgrade is in Cyber Peacock's stage. In the third section of the 
first half of the stage, get an "S" rank to find it. The Helmet allows X to 
use his special weapons without consuming energy. However, he'll use up energy
any if he charges any special weapon.
The X-Buster upgrades (yes, there are two) are located in Storm Owl's stage. 
In the second half of the stage, you come to a large area lined with spikes, 
with a hole in the ceiling. Find a wall facing to the right that's lined with
spikes, shoot a Lightning Web at it, and then jump onto the web and then jump
up, taking care not to hit the spikes. When you climb up and find the capsules,
one of them gives X the Charge Shot option, which allows X to store and then 
shoot off 4 charged shots. The second one gives X the Plasma Shot option (as 
well as really funky black and red arms), which allows X to shoot a huge charged
shot that'll leave behind a residual plasma ball that continues to damage enemies.

The Body upgrade is located in Magma Dragoon's stage, behind a large rock wall
above the boss room. To get to it, you need to have one of the X-Buster upgrades,
and Twin Slasher (Slash Beast's weapon). Charge up Twin Slasher and shoot it at 
the wall to destroy it. The Body allows X to take less damage and convert what 
he takes into energy. When X builds up enough energy, he can execute the power 
Nova Strike attack, which will decimate any enemy in its path.

Heart Tank locations:
In the second half of Web Spider's stage, burn the damaged trees with Rising 
Fire. One of them has a Heart Tank in it.

In Cyber Peacock's stage, get an "S" rank in the first section of the trials 
run (the first half of the stage). A Heart Tank is your reward.

In Storm Owl's stage, a Heart Tank is sitting on a platform that gets destroyed
by a giant laser. Dash to it using the Ride Armor you can climb into earlier in
the stage. If it falls, you can just go off the screen, turn around, and try 

In Magma Dragoon's stage, there's a Heart Tank in the second half of the stage,
after the long diagonal climb. Dash to the left to find it when you reach the 
top of the hill.

In Jet Stingray's stage, a Heart Tank is in the first half of the stage, on a
lower ledge. You'll have to time this one carefully to get it.

In Split Mushroom's stage, a Heart Tank is in the second half of the stage, at
the section where the drills destroy the floors and ceilings. Let the first 
section of floor and ceiling come down a bit, then jump onto it and up to the
Heart Tank.

In the second half of Slash Beast's stage, you'll find a Heart Tank sitting on
top of one of the train cars, in plain sight.

In the first half of Frost Walrus's stage, you can find a Heart Tank right at 
the beginning of the stage, on top of a block of ice. Melt the ice with Rising
Fire to claim the Heart Tank.

Sub-Tank Locations:
In Cyber Peacock's stage, get an "S" rank in the second trial run as X, or an "S"
rank in the third trial run as Zero. You'll get an E-Tank for your troubles.

In Jet Stringray's stage, look for an E-Tank on a ledge surrounded by crates. 
You'll have to jump up and break through the crates with a dash to get it.

In Frost Walrus's stage, you can find both a W-Tank and a hidden EX Tank. The 
W-Tank is used to refill all of your weapon energy, while the EX Tank lets you
continue your game with 5 lives instead of 3. The W-Tank is in the second half
of the stage, encased in an ice block (don't worry, you'll see the W-Tank easily).
The EX Tank is much harder to get to. It's in a hidden corner of the stage, on a
high ledge. To get to it, climb up the wall after the first spiked slope descent.
X will have to use both Lightning Web and an air dash to reach the tank, while 
Zero can just double jump to it.

Spark Mandrill appearance:
Start Frost Walrus's stage and look closely in the background. A big frozen Ice 
block frozen like Spark Mandrill. 

Sigma appearance:
In Storm Owl's stage, you can see Sigma's face appear in the middle of the city
in the background.
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