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Mega Man 3 Cheats

Mega Man 3

Submitted by: RM

Defeating Magnet Man:
Hit him five times with the Spark Man's weapon.

Nine E-tanks:
Enter Red: "A6" as a password. 

Defeating Wily's two forms:
In order to defeat Wily's two forms, you must use the punch on the
first and the snake attack on the second. Nothing else will do damage
make sure you have plenty of both weapons. The top spin will defeat 
Wily's second in one hit if done properly.

Boss weaknesses:
To defeat the revisted bosses, here are some of the weaknesses: 

Metal Man  - Shadow Blades
Crash Man  - Hard Knuckles
Flash Man  - Needle Cannon
Quick Man  - Gemini Laser
Bubble Man - Spark Shot
Wood Man   - Needle Cannon

Recommended order:
Try the following Boss order.

Magnet Man (uses Magnet Missile) - Use the Arm Cannon (Mega Man's weapon).
Hard Man (uses Hard Knuckle)     - Use the Magnet Missile (Magnet Man's weapon).
Top Man (uses Top Spin)          - Four hits with the Hard Knuckle will defeat him.
Shadow Man (uses Shadow Blade)   - Four direct hits with the Top Spin (Top Man's weapon)
                                   will defeat him. 
Spark Man (uses Spark Shock)     - Seven hits with the Shadow Blade (Shadow Man's weapon)
                                   will defeat him. 
Snake Man (uses Search Snake)    - Use the Arm Cannon.
Gemini Man (uses Gemini Laser)   - Use Search Snake (Snake Man's weapon).
Needle Man (uses Needle Cannon)  - Four hits with the Gemini Laser (Gemini Man's weapon)
                                   will defeat him.
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