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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Cheats

Medal Of Honor - Warfighter

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Dirty Laundry" achievement:
When you case Sal Al Din in the "Bump In The Night" mission, there will be a door to
your left (an AKM gun will be on the floor next to it) that will display a prompt to
open it when standing next to it. Open the door, and search the back of the room to 
find the grenades on a table and get the "Dirty Laundry" achievement.

Easy "On The Clock" achievement:
When attempting to get the "On The Clock" achievement in the "Through The Eyes Of Evil"
mission, make sure you get head shots to get under 18 seconds. Each head shot will 
reduce your time by six seconds. If you run out of ammo with your primary weapon, switch
to your secondary weapon to save time.

Easy "Storm Watch" achievement:
When you enter the sandstorm in the "Hello And Dubai" mission, avoid all vehicles until
you reach the exit ramp. If you do not get the "Storm Watch" achievement when you are 
on the exit ramp, pause the game, and restart from the checkpoint to try again.
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