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MechWarrior 2 Cheats

MechWarrior 2

Cheat Codes:
To enter these, hold Alt + Ctrl + Shift and type the code phrase.

Code            Effect
BLORB         - Invulnerability
CIA           - Unlimited Ammo
COLDMISER     - Heat Tracking
FLYGIRL       - Jump Jets
MIGHTYMOUSE   - Unlimited Jump Jet Fuel
ENOLAGAY      - Nuclear Blast
HANGAROUND    - Display Mission Time
GANKEM        - Targeted Enemy Destroyed
ICANTHACKIT   - Skip Level
DORCS         - Display Credits
IDKFA         - End mission in failure
MEEPMEEP      - Time compression key on
UNMEEPMEEP    - Time compression key off
ANTIJOLT      - Time expansion on/off
FLASHYFLASHY  - Auto grouping on/off
WALKTHISWAY   - Leading reticle on/off
ZMAK          - Extra Time
TLOFRONT      - Rear-view camera becomes a front camera
MICHELIN      - See the bouncing spheres on debris and mech parts
X-RAY         - X-ray vision (you can see through walls and mountains)
TINKERBELL    - Free-floating external cameras
WEDIDITAGAIN  - Dorcs screen

Pick the 60 tonner and go to the customization screen. Strip away the
large lasers and replace them with medium ones. Now go over to the 
LRM-20s and jack the ammo up to 3 tons each (18 shots total). 

For some reason, unlike Battletech, Mechwarrior assumes that ALL Clan
missles are "Streaks" - in other words, your LRMs are guided just like

When you attack, simply make your approach real slow, get a lock with 
2x LRM20s, and hit them from a mile away. 90% of the time they'll go 
down in one salvo, an Atlas may take two (maybe). With 18 salvos at your
disposal, you should be able to finish off every enemy in the mission 
without ever even warming up those medium lasers. 

Bonus Mechs
In the Trials of Grievance, enter your name (and/or your starmates' names)
in Star Config as one of the following. 

Enzo to gain the Battlemaster 'mech Calvin to gain the Elemental 'mech.
Unfortunately, due to a programming slip-up, if you try to play as the
Battlemaster the game will crash. 

Level Select
To access all levels type in at the sibko indentification screen: 
FREEBIRTHTOAD, then go to the ready room. All levels are either colors or
names. The colors are regular missions and the names are the Trials For 
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