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MechWarrior 2 Ghost Bears Legacy Cheats

MechWarrior 2 - Ghost Bear's Legacy

Cheat Codes:
Update by: DJ Simo

Cheat mode:
Hold "Alt"+"Ctrl"+"Shift" and type:

Code               Result
jumbo            - adds Jump Jets to a Mech that doesn't have them.
crillion         - unlimited Jump Jets.
burr toggles     - heat tracking.
speedyganzalez   - time compression key on.
tik              - bounding spheres.
thundros         - unlimmited ammo.
palex            - destroy targeted mech.
kent             - makes you invulnerable.
clark            - gives you X-ray vision.
kaboom           - blows up your enemies and blows you up, too if you
                   dont have the invulnerability code on.
putz             - End mission successfully.
palex            - Destroy targeted Mech.
dorcs            - View development team.
burr             - Toggle heat tracking.

Note: The "Invincibility" code must be enabled before using the "Destroy
all enemies" code. 

Final Trials Of Bloodright:
Complete all missions without any failures to get to the Trials of Bloodright
after the last mission. A number next to your name on the registration screen
indicates a failure. Press [Esc] and select the "Flee to DOS" option before 
the mission ends to prevent the failure from being recorded. 
Note: You may also enable the "Invincibility" or "End mission successfully" 
to accomplish this task. 

Mission select:
Enter FREEBIRTHTOAD as a name.

Easy wins for Trial Of Blood Right: 
Customize a Timber Wolf Mech with the following: 

300XL Engine
10 (20) Heat Sinks
4 Jump Jets
STD Internals
12.00 T Ferro-Fiberous Armor 

Armor allocation:
Head: 9
Right/left arm:24
Right/left leg: 32
Center torso: 32-14
Right/left torso: 32-10 

8 LRM-15 w/1 ton ammo each 

With this setup, just lock and fire one string of missiles out to two, fire
the next. Keep following that pattern to kill everything in thirty seconds.

Stealth kills:
If an enemy mech is on the other side of a wall, ram into the wall and zoom in.
You will be able to see and shoot through the wall. Note: This trick works with
mountains and other walls that can not be destroyed.

Special locations: 
Ice Hall: Click on the light on the left side of the screen. 

Barracks: Click on the poster on the right side of the screen in front of the 
          mission computer projector. 

Drop ship: Click on the white computer screen to the right of the mission 

Developer Team in Ready-Room:
After your first mission, you are relocated to your HQ at the planet Alshain. 
There in the "ready room" (check the screenshot section), click one of the 
pictures on the right wall and a picture of the developer team will appear 
where you can click on every person and read personal statements! - Nice insights.
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