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Mean Streets Cheats

Mean Streets

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Keycard  Password   Place to find:
Blue     bishop     Factory Carl Linsky NC4675
Purple   knight     Labratory Greg Call
Red      stalemate  Beach house
Black    rook       Air Bus Station 
Grey     king       Law and Order party
Orange   checkmate  Cal Davis
Green    pawn       John Klauss passcard
Yellow   queen      Sam Jones passcard,threathen

Paid To Play Pong:
Finding money, selling items and bounty hunting are not the only 
ways to obtain extra cash. The computers you find along the way 
that require the passcards are another source. Instead of entering
their respective password, type the word "PONG". You will now play
a game of Pong against the CPU. For every point you score against 
the CPU, you are awarded $10 in cash. The game ends when either 
player reaches a score of 10. You can replay an unlimited amount
of times.
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