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MayDay Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Note: If you use some of these cheats you won't get any
experience points. It seems that it's only important to
input the digits itself, not just in the right sorting.
Some of the combinations toggle the cheat on/off, some 
don't (only toggles on). 

Input all digits on the numpad:

Code     Effect
333333 - $250,000 
55555  - Full map 
777    - $2,500,000 
888    - Mission accomplished 

Press [Num Lock] during game play and type 
in the following codes during gameplay: 

Code    Effect
09921 = $250.000 Credits
09922 = Destroy all Enemys
09923 = Destroy all Enemys houses
09924 = Mission accomplished
09925 = OFF/ Fog of War
09926 = All house are big
09927 = Info about your Level
09928 = More Speed
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