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Martian Gothic Unification Cheats

Martian Gothic - Unification

Cheat Codes:
When over the "HINTS FOR VIDEOGAMES" book in the inventory type
these Cheats. Note: The latest patch is required for these codes.
They will not work on the original version. 

Code                     Result 
YOULOOKINATME          - Infinite Health 
IFEELUNUSUAL           - Infinite Ammo 
QUICKSUCKITOUT         - Immune to Poison 
PATRICKMARLEY          - Listen to Darnley Microcorder 

* It's easy to get lost in the similar hallways. The inventory screen
  has a rough map that shows how different areas link to each other, 
  which is somewhat helpful for navigation. 

* Early on, just run away from zombies. They keep coming, and you don't
  have enough firepower to do them any long-term damage. 

* Use the pneumatic tubes to send items to the other two characters.
  You can also leave things in the Broadway lockers to be picked up

* Search all the corpses. They usually have the key cards. 
* If a room has a computer terminal, search it before activating the
  terminal. Using the computers often cues zombies to come to life. 

Hex Cheat:
Submitted by: rickHH

The saved game files are in the folder SAVES under the installed 
folder. They have the names MGSAVE[user supplied] [game supplied] 


Where "PLAYER" is supplied by the player at save time and "00-17" 
is supplied by the game. 

A number of bytes have been found that indicate the number of saves
the player has in specific computers encountered during play. 
Note: The game is saved by using the computer, calling up the 
game "Martian Mayhem", and selecting "Save Game". 

So far hex 07 (8th byte) thru hex 13 (20th byte) appear to be the 
bytes corresponding to computers with different numbers of stored 
saves. They can all be set to hex ff to set all the computers to 
have 255 stored saves each.
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