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Mars Tower Defense Cheats

Mars Tower Defense

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: RM

Final wave:
Build three blue towers on the bottom left of the screen. Two side 
by side on the large peninsula, one on the small peninsula. Place 
them 2 squares back so that you can add another tower on the tip. 
Upgrade as they go orange. Eventually buy a fourth blue gun right 
next to your base at top right. Once the 400g towers are available
you will want to get one of the orange gatling guns, I placed it on
the tip of the eastern peninsula. You'll want to have the blue gun 
on the western (thin) peninsula upgraded to at least level 3 to slow
down mobs. Add a second gatling gun, then the 1000g shock tower on 
the tip of the narrow peninsula. Upgrade as you can but have at least
300g ready for the boss wave 15. 

For the boss wave: Create 2 walls just below your base blue cannon, 
and one above it. When the bosses come swap a level 3 blue cannon to
the top then as they pass your three primary guns swap them to the 
top as well.
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