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Master of Orion 1 Cheats

Master of Orion 1

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by Indra Permata Dinda

Code                 Effect
Press ALT + MOOLA  - 100 BC more                               
Press ALT + GALAXY - show the hole map with all the spaceships visible

More money:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Goto dos and type:

E 7514 40 4B 4C 00

PC/Mac-version - Get 100bc:
At any Planet screen, hold Alt and type moola.

See everything:
Hold Alt and type galaxy in game play for the galaxy to be revealed. 

Cool glitch:
Build a ship with a single MISSILE (NOT torpedoes or scatter packs) and one of 
the extras that knock out armor (i.e., Neutron Stream Projector). Make this ship
FAST and TOUGH. In combat, turn off your missiles, move in close to the enemy 
ships (within 2 spaces). Fire your weapons at a group of ships, then click on 
WAIT. Pray that your ship(s) survive the counterattack (if any). If you survive,
you get to go again. Trick is, your extra weapons are STILL AVAILABLE. Keep using
the extra weapon, then click on wait, and fire, and wait, and fire, and wait. 
(You get the idea.) The enemy will have NO opportunity to return fire and will 
helplessly die.

Note: This glitch is only definite for the Mac; I have no information on it (one 
way or the other) for any other platform.

Extra Money (Hex Edit):
Alter game files at your own risk and always create backups.You can perform a hex edit
(using an editor available online) to provide your Global Treasury with an influx of 
cash. To do so, complete the following process:

Open a *.SAV game file in the hex editor

* Go to block: 7414
* Type in 1388 (which should appear as 13 88 in the editor)
* Save the file
* Reload the file in-game and look for your increase on the "Planets" screen
* Additional codes are available that provide additional money, including a hex value 
  of 5F5E1 that will yield $1,072,735.

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