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Mall of America Tycoon Cheats

Mall of America Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Effect            Code 
God Mode        - (godgivemethelife)
Lots of money   - (chingching)
All Buildings   - (september11died)
More People     - (comehereandhail)
Camp Snoopy     - (slidingwithsnoopy)
Profit High     - (makemygoddammprofithigh)
Kill all people - (dieyoustupidcustomers)

After the end of the whole Mall of America Tycoon there is a special clip that 
shows you how you could win in three easy steps. I'll explain them here because
I have watched the preview at the end 100 times. 

Step 1: don't build anything
Step 2: destroy everything and brake all the contracts
Step 3: Block all your doors when lots of people come inside so there is no way 
        for anyone to leave.

Those are the 3 steps that will make you win the game in only 10 minutes. I have
played using these cheats and they always work. A couple of my friends said the 
cheats work as well. 

The last cheat I will tell you is simple basic cheats...
Win the game instantly: (letmewinbecauseisuck)
lose the game         : (iwannalosebecauseicantplay)
Submit your codes!
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