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Magnetis Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlockables - Steam Achievements:
Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

Unlockable         How to Unlock
Alter Egos       - Make a x10 combo in Cooperative.
Amateur          - Score 10 000 points in normal mode.
Architect        - Score 6000 points in block attack.
Associates       - Make a x6 combo in Cooperative.
Beginner         - Score 5000 points in normal mode.
Brother & Sister - Reach level 20 in Cooperative.
Brothers in Arms - Make a x8 combo in Cooperative.
Buddies          - Make a x2 combo in Cooperative.
Builder          - Score 3000 points in block attack.
Bulldozer        - Make a x6 combo in Solo Modes.
Champion         - Score 20 000 points in normal mode.
Clones           - Reach level 40 in Cooperative.
Companions       - Score 10 000 points in Cooperative.
Cousins          - Reach level 10 in Cooperative.
Demolisher       - Make a x8 combo in Solo Modes.
Destroyer        - Make a x10 combo in Solo Modes.
Dissonant Battle - Compete in 3 Players Team Play mode.
Fast Fingers!    - Reach level 10 in time attack.
Friends          - Make a x4 combo in Cooperative.
Immortal!        - Reach level 100 in normal mode.
Indestructible   - Reach level 80 in normal mode.
Lightspeed       - Score 6000 points in time attack.
Lovers           - Score 15 000 points in Cooperative.
Magnetic healer  - Score 30 000 points in normal mode.
Magnetic Quartet - Play in 4 Players Versus mode.
Meteoric!        - Reach level 15 in time attack.
North and South  - Compete in 4 Players Team Play mode.
Not Human        - Reach level 60 in normal mode.
Pneumatic Drill  - Make a x2 combo in Solo Modes.
Power Hammer     - Make a x4 combo in Solo Modes.
Pro              - Score 15 000 points in normal mode.
Roommates        - Score 5000 points in Cooperative.
Sound barrier    - Score 3000 points in time attack.
Sunday Player    - Reach level 20 in normal mode.
Survivor         - Reach level 40 in normal mode.
Thougie          - Reach level 30 in normal mode.
Triple Trouble   - Play in 3 Players Versus mode.
Twins            - Reach level 30 in Cooperative.
Visitor          - Reach level 10 in normal mode.
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