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Magic Match Adventures Cheats

Magic Match Adventures

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

The direction that you make your chain of elements determines 
which direction the new elements will enter the board. This can be 
important if you are looking for a particular element to match 
others that are already on the board, so plan wisely!

Use "Swap" to make long chains, but make sure you save some 
mana for "Shuffle".

On a board with a lot of "shields" (stone blocks etc.), use the 
relatively cheap "Shuffle" spell before your first turn to gain 
instant-access to the enclosed bonus objects. Don't use the "Swap" 
spell too often in normal games - this spell costs much mana and 
you will need it much more in the duels.

In duels, try to make large chains (5+ items) to multiply the 
collected items and thus gain an advantage. E.g., if you collect 5 
items in a chain, you'll get a 2x multiplier and they will be 
counted as 10 items. Use the "Swap" spell to make even larger 
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