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Magic The Gathering Duels of the Plainswalker Cheats

Magic - The Gathering - Duels of the Plainswalker

Black Vice Tip 
The Black Vice in most verisions is broken; it applys DOUBLE damage whenever
you use it. Get a Black Vice or two, and you're bound to destroy the bad guys.
Add in a couple of Lightning bolt to finish them off, or cards like Wheel of 
Fortune or Timetwister to bring your opponent back to 7 cards before hitting 
them for double vice damage. 

Edit the Computer's Decks 
There is a way to hack into the programming of Magic the Gathering and its 

* To do this you must open up a DOS box from windows or begin a DOS session.
* Then you must switch to whatever directory magic is in (e.g. C:Magic)
* Then type "cd programdeck". Type dir and you will see a list of ".dck" 
  files that are numbered. If you type edit 0010.dck you will be brought
  to a screen where the cards in deck 0010 are listed.
* The screen should say the creatures name at the top as well as its color.
* Listed in columns should be the cards' serial numbers, the amount of each
  card and the actual name of the card.
* To take out the land simply replace the quantity of land with the number 0. 
* Make sure before saving that the total amount of cards in the deck is still
  at a minimum of 40 cards.
* You may change the land in any numbered deck in the same way.

Relics of Doom (Blue and Black Deck):
The following cards can be unlocked by winning matches.

Demon's Horn        - 15th win 
Demon's Horn        - 13th win 
Eiherium Sculptor   - 6th win 
Etherium Sculptor   - 8th win 
Etherium Sculptor   - 3rd win 
Kraken's Eye        - 14th win 
Kraken's Eye        - 12th win 
Leonin Scmitar      - 4th win 
Leonin Scmitar      - 2nd win 
Loxodon Warhammer   - 11th win 
Mater of Etherium   - 5th win 
Platinum Angel      - 10th win 
Razormane Manticore - 7th win 
Sharding Sphinx     - 9th win 
Tidehollow Strix    - 1st win

Cries of Rage (Red and Green Deck):
The following cards can be unlocked by winning matches.

Borderland Behemoth - 7th win 
Bramblewood Paragon - 10th win 
Bramblewood Paragon - 3rd win 
Dragon's Claw       - 12th win 
Dragon's Claw       - 14th win 
Eyes of Wisent      - 17th win 
Eyes of Wisent      - 16th win 
Hurricane           - 6th win 
Mirri, Cat Warrior  - 5th win 
Obsidian Battle-Axe - 11th win 
Obsidian Battle-Axe - 1st win 
Shock               - 2nd win 
Shock               - 9th win 
Vengeful Firebrand  - 8th win 
Vengeful Firebrand  - 4th win 
Wurm's Tooth        - 13th win 
Wurm's Tooth        - 15th win

Challenge section:
Use the following tactics.

1. Garruk: Play both Angelic Blessing cards on the Skyhunter Skirmisher, 
   then attack with it. 
2. Elspeth: Play Threaten on Soul Warden to take it. Put Raging Goblin on
   the Table. Attack with all. 
3. Garruk: Attack with all three Grizzly Bears, then wait for opponent to
   declare blockers. Then cast all three Giant Growths on a Grizzly Bear 
   that is not being blocked by the 7/10 Wall of Wood. Then, use Elvish 
   Piper's ability to play Roughshod Mentor. 
4. Chandra: Cast Megrim from hand. Cast Ravenous Rats from hand. Attack
   with all your creatures. 
5. Liliana: Cast Elvish Eulogist from hand. This creates one Elf Token
   (because of Lys Alana Huntsmaster). Cast Eyeblight's Ending targeting 
   Nightmare. This creates One Elf token. Cast Elvish Warrior. This creates
   one Elf Token. Use Immaculate Magistrate's ability on Elven Riders making
   it 13/13. Attack with Elven Riders which is now unblockable; no flyers 
   (Nightmare) nor walls. 
6. Chandra: Use Prodigal Pyromancer's ability to deal one damage to Chandra.
   Cast Boomerang targeting Persuasion. Note: Persuasion is attached 
   (enchanting) Prodigal Pyromancer. Cast Persuasion targeting Raging Goblin.
   Attack with Raging Goblin (Haste, Mountainwalk, 2/2) and Phantom Warrior. 
7. Nissa: Cast Terror on Elvish Champion. Attack with everything. 
   Use Flameblast Dragon's ability on your Sprouting Thrinax. Let x = 3. 
   Your Thrinax dies, you get three new Saproling Tokens, consequently 
   pumping up your attacking Saproling tokens to 6/6 each. Nessa blocks one
   of your Goblins and is defeated. 
8. Liliana: Cast each Incinerate targeting Platinum Angel. Cast Rip-Clan 
   Crasher from hand. Cast Sangrite Surge targeting Knight of the Skyward
   Eye. Note: If you try to cast Sangrite Surge before casting Rip-Clan 
   Crasher, you might not get a mountain to use Brion's ability during the
   Attack phase as the CPU taps your lands randomly. Activate the ability 
   of Knight of the Skyward Eye. Attack with everything except Brion 
   Stoutarm. Liliana will try to kill your Knight with her Royal Assassin.
   Respond by using Brion's ability, choose the Knight, and toss the Knight
   (8/8) at Liliana. Because Liliana can only block one of your other two
   attacking creatures (1/1 and 2/2), she will sustain at least 1 damage 
   for a total of at least 9 damage. However, for some reason she blocks 
   the 1/1 so you will deal 10 damage instead.

Easy Way To Unlock Cards:
Select the deck you want to unlock cards for and begin any campaign mission.
Before you finish the match, make sure to save your game. Now after you win 
the match, load your save. You will get credit for another win and unlock a 
new card every time. Repeat as many times as is necessary to unlock all 20 
cards. Voila, an easy way to unlock all the cards.

Claws of Vengence:
Win matches using the given deck to unlock cards for it.

Unlockable                  How to Unlock
Angel's Feather           - 2nd win
Angel's Feather           - 10th win
Brion Stoutarm            - 9th win
Bull Cerodon              - 6th win
Cho Manno, Revolutionary  - 15th win
Dragon's Claw             - 7th win
Godsire                   - 14th win
Knight of the Skyward Eye - 11th win
Pariah                    - 4th win
Sangrite Surge            - 8th win
Sigil Blessing            - 3rd win
Sigil Blessing            - 12th win
Woolly Thoctar            - 1st win
Wrath of God              - 13th win
Wurms Tooth               - 5th win
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