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Magic Candle 3 Cheats

Magic Candle 3

Extra attribute points:
When first selecting a character, go to the attribute screen and
spend all but one point. Then, go to the skills screen and spend
1 or 2 points. Click through until reaching the attributes screen
again. If done correctly, the game will show that you have 0 points
available. Select any attribute, then select "Add". The number of 
points you have should change to a large number. 

1.The Platinum Key is in the Tarrak mines on level two in the 
  fourth alcove. 

2.The Mirror is on level four at 53,20.

3.The Mold is in Wesgar on level four in the center section. To
  get there go to level eight and find the chute that leads to 
  level four. 

4.The flint is in Nekros at 63,16 in the fireplace.

5.Ask Gorion the Nekros librarian about Subterranae to learn how
  to get into Crowndeep caverns.

6.Entas will only let you pass if you have a human, an elf, a 
  dwarf, and an orc in your party. Someone must have one of each
  type of gem, and all four parts of the MAGIC CANDLE.

7.The elf of legend is Toriala, she is in Hiltmos for hire after
  you defeat Alvirex.

1.Kaznur        -"Helnibor"
2.Entas         -"Wackawoo"
3.Selne         -"Brundishar"
4.Bohar         -"Wentegal"
5.Vorhamme      -"Komdrom"
6.Tas           -"Pintaldi"
7.Olkanis       -"Shibanabal"
8.Hiltmos       -"Uulangarum"
9.Tarrak        -"Gorfalion"
10.Tarrak Mines -"Damaldenur"
11.Wesgar       -"Etaksbit"
12.Sora         -"Kavitar"
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