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Mad News Cheats

Mad News

One knows the play in the conventional way did not cheaten, by 
editing simply a savegame. In order to come however nevertheless 
with these bang-hard Simulation at 8.5 billion, one proceeds best 
as follows: 

1) one creates a backup copy of the file YY.ovr
2) with a disk wordprocessor edits one the file YY.ovr 
3) and changes the following values: 

Savegame-Offset                 Value
265.970                         FF
265.971                         FF

265.972                         FF
265.973                         2F

4)Now one stores and has with n.chsten type of playing 8.5 million 
on  its account. With the backup copy one can re-create the original 
savegame later.
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