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Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Cheats

Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter

Cable car:
When you are at the part where you have to ride on top of a cable 
car over a huge crevasse so you can save a person from being a slave, 
it is a very good idea to hide on the back of the car (crouching), 
behind the last support post. When you get into the open, quickly kill 
the sniper behind you then continue hiding. When you get to a bridge 
that hangs over the cable car, throw two sticky grenades under it on 
both sides of the car then quickly detonate them, This will kill the 
annoying enemies on it. Then, while still hiding, ready your rocket 
launcher by holding down the trigger until it has four shots loaded. 
Immediately after you pass a wall, shoot the enemies who are standing 
on the other side, waiting to kill you. Next, ready the rocket launcher
again and shoot the small control room as soon as two more enemies walk 

Double damage:
Choose the Electro-Cosh at the weapon selection screen and quickly 
press L1, R1, L1, R1, X, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle. If you 
entered the code correctly, a message will appear on the bottom left 
corner of the screen.
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