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Jumpgate Evolution Cheats

Jumpgate Evolution

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Jumpgate Evolution is a definitive action-based Massively Multiplayer
Online game set in a glorious, yet fierce new universe where the sheer
vastness of space is your ultimate playground.

Jumpgate Evolution brings together popular elements from all time classics
such as Elite, X-wing Vs Tie-fighter and Privateer and combines them in a 
living, breathing persistent world. Gone are the days of point and click 
combat, Jumpgate Evolution puts the action at your fingertips with fully 
responsive reflex based controls like never seen in any previous massively
multiplayer online game (MMOG).

Choosing from one of three Nations, each with sub-factions fighting for 
influence, players engross themselves in a visually striking universe 
where only the strongest survive the game's expansive battles for military
and trading supremacy. 

The result is a slick space combat game that is deep and rewarding for 
experienced MMO players yet accessible for new players. With a galaxy of 
conflict and riches to dominate, Jumpgate Evolution is a simply exhilarating
space combat on a vast scale.

* New rendering engine scaling from fixed function to pixel shaders for 
  maximum market reach. 
* Engaging and responsive AI, creating the feeling of a living, changing 
* Several new missions across multiple types including: combat, patrols, 
  mining, and delivery. 
* A real supply and demand economy - responsive to player trading activity. 
* Engaging PvP system with factional peace and war rating, significantly 
  affecting game dynamics. 
* New user interface to make the game more engaging and accessible.
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