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Joint Strike Fighter Cheats

Joint Strike Fighter

Cheat Codes:
Update by: DJ Simo

Submitted by: Conor Quinn

In the game press.

Code           Effect 
Ctrl + T + U - Turbo Speed
Ctrl + G + U - Win Campaign
Ctrl + C + O - Wins current campaign 
Ctrl + G + O - Loses current campaign
Ctrl + S     - Colored smoke

At the name entry screen put the cursor over the plane's name and press :
Ctrl + Ctrl + Enter = All aircraft in the game.

In the Pilot Select Screen hit Left and Right Control keys at same time,
and at same time the enter key while. 
You'll now be able to cycle through every plane and helicopter in the game!

Fly other aircraft:
Press [Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] + [Enter] at the pilot selection screen.
Note: There are no cockpit graphics for the other aircraft. 

Screen shots:
Create a sub-directory named "grab" inside the game directory. 
Press [Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] + S during game play to save the current
screen as "scr000x.raw" in the "grab" directory. 
Note: A graphics utility program must be used to convert this raw image 
file into a viewable picture.
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