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JezzBall Cheats


Submitted by: Barbour Family 

Cheat Codes:
during the game hold: ctrl,shift and press F12. 
you can now go on to the next level without completing 
the previous one!!

Infinite Lives: 
During the game, type in "Lives". You should now 
have infinite lives.

High completion percentage:
Click anywhere you want to make a line, but be sure at least one 
side will not be hit by a ball. Before the line touches, use the
"Level skip" code and the percentage will be higher than 100% 
after the line connects. 
Note: You will not get full score for this -- only regular 
scoring will occur. 

Perfect every time:
Isolate one ball into a box, then bring the ball down to all but 
one free square. Aim your pointer so that you go into the square.
You will see a permanent red or blue (depending on direction) 
square. You can now only use the red or blue line. Keep using it
slowly and get rid of as much space as possible. You will never 
win until you have 75 percent completed and have lost all your 
lives. When you are down to one ball isolated and not completed,
bring it down to two lines of space and make it as little as 
desired. However, make sure you can still hit the ball so that 
you lose. You will then win and have a lot of points.
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