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Jetpack Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Play any level:
Save the game and goto dos. Change LEVELx.JET -file's number (x) to 2-8 and load the game.

Skip to the next level:
Press BACKSPACE and '/. This works only two times/player. This cheat works only in 
SHAREWARE version.

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the 
cheat function.

Result           Code	
Level skip     - [Tab] + 2 + S
Extra life     - [Tab] + 2 + L
Restore fuel   - [Tab] + 2 + F
Invincibility  - [Tab] + 2 + I

Control title screen:
Hold S at the title screen of the Christmas edition to make the snow fall quickly.

Unlimited lives:
There should be an extra life directly under you once the second level begins. 
Collect it, then go straight to any monster and let it kill you. Each time you 
get 1000 points, you get an extra life. Repeat this to build your points and 
extra lives.

Submitted by: Dedra235

When you play the jet pack game go through all the levels without taking any coins 
in the end you get 1'000 coins pss:with extra fuel you will get some coins that 
dose not matter.

Jetpack credits:
Submitted by: cutiekatie

If you go to the end of the jet pack adventure game to the last lv. with out
getting any coins then when u get to the end u will end up with...between 1,000 
and 2,00 coins! enjoy.

Submitted by SAMANTHA
Email :

At moon infiltration, use the jetpack. You must have another teamate who uses jetpack.
Fly there together, then either of you gly 1st another person jump on and press A to 
flythen you will see yourself disappear from sight. 

Submitted by: Sparklepond

At the end of each level, go down to the house that is not your landing spot and
keep going down until you get a new jet pack fuel, and then go to your landing spot
and you will get a few extra coins.

Extra Life:
Submitted by: qusadilla98

ok so on levels 2, and 3, you can fly really high and do that for a while,and then u 
can get and get an extra! only life if u go and get the thing that says 1 life.
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