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Jedi Knights Mysteries of the Sith Cheats

Jedi Knights - Mysteries of the Sith

Cheat Codes:
Hit the "T" key while playing and type in the cheat.

Code		  Effect
iamagod     - Uber-jedi, unlimited full Force powers
diediedie   - All Weapons
gimmestuff  - Full Inventory
gameover    - Level Jump
statuesque* - Freeze Enemies
trainme     - Force Level Up
freebird    - Fly Mode
boinga*     - God mode
trixie      - Full Mana
cartograph  - Show Map
gospeedgo*  - Slow-mo mode
quickzap    - Warp to specified coordinates
gameover    - Level skip

*- codes must have a (space) then a 
1 or a 0 after them. 
1 is on, 
0 is off.

A-Wing crash:
At the start of level 1, when you go up the elevator to close the blast
door, allow some field troopers walk into the bay on your right. There 
is an activation panel. Hit it, and a giant A-Wing will appear from the
bay's ceiling, fall on the field troopers. and create an explosion.

Better Force Push:
This trick will allow you to push an opponent farther by pressing F without
having to target him. Target your guy with Force Push and push him once. If
he is in your sight you can repeatedly press F -- the targeting box for Force
Push will not appear and you can still push him. It will also be a more 
efficient way to kill your opponent with this Force. Although difficult to
master, its very useful once learned.
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