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Jack Nicklaus 4 Cheats

Jack Nicklaus 4

Cheat Codes:
Type these in while playing the game: 

Code              Effect
gonewiththewind - play with gale force winds
triplegee       - simulates the gravity on Jupiter
superball       - lets the ball bounce very high and long

Perfect Golfer:
In doing the AI development for Jack 4 it was necessary for us to
produce a golfer that played perfectly, avg. appox. 54 strokes per
round. When we released the game we wanted to include the perfect
golfer as an Easter Egg but we were having a problem deciding what
name to give it because the perfect golfer would always beat the AI
for our Jack Nicklaus golfer. We finally decided on Barbara Nicklaus,
because she is such a gracious person. 
So create a Pro golfer hitting from the Pro tees and call it Barbara
Nicklaus. she'll play any course perfect any time.
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