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Foxy Sniper Cheats

Foxy Sniper

Submitted by: David  K.

lvl01 - Shoot the guy walking the dog on the left hand side.
lvl02 - Shoot the guy in the middle window on the top floor, he will be 
        throwing up.
lvl03 - Shoot the guy in the second blue car. when shooting this one try lining 
        up the crosshairs with other drivers heads so its already done when the 
        guy you need to shoot comes around.
lvl04 - Shoot the sky light first so that the terrorists are destracted. when they 
        start shooting there you shoot them.
lvl05 - Shoot the guy with the pool stick then the guy who is running and then the 
        guy who is scared out of his mind.
lvl06 - wait until the package is picked up, then shoot the pick up guy as the elevator 
        stops on the 2nd floor. Agent will pick up the dropped package and leave, the 
        kill every body. note agent is the guy in the black suit.
lvl07 - Shoot the gray panel on the air conditioning unit on the roof. When your mark 
        gets hot he opens the window. Take your shot.
lvl08 - The snipers are hiding: behind house wall near front, one each hiding behind 
        the 2 trees, one in the center window, and one in the bottom floor, second window 
        if you go left to right. When Ray-D-Oh shows up, shoot him, but not the girls
lvl09 - Wait for the helicopter to land, then first shoot the guy on the right, then 
        quickly shoot the guy on the left before he gets away. Then, once they are both 
        dead, shoot the cans on the lower floor of the yacht. the yacht will catch fire 
        and sink. do this before the time runs out.
lvl10 - Shoot the snipers in the front right building from top to bottom, then the other 
        three in any order: the one in the back right building, one near the bottom tree, 
        one behind the wall. MOVE FAST!

Shoot guy on left wall, shoot wire cables on right, when the pacing guy is at the left 
shoot the logs, shoot the last guy. YOU WIN!
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