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Fox Sports College Hoops 99 Cheats

Fox Sports College Hoops '99

Cheat Codes:
To activate a cheat, enter its code at the 
Secret Code screen.

Result                            Code
30 second half                  - THIRTY
Ball trails                     - TRAILS
Big heads                       - NOGGIN
Disable shot clock              - BUZZ (or BUZZZ)
Final Four arena                - FFWOOD
Fox Interactive team            - TEAM-Z
Invisible players               - VIS
More fouls called on home team  - HOMIE
New commentary                  - MONKEY
Remove crowd                    - NO FANS
Team mascot                     - MASCOTTS
Translucent players             - GHOST
Z-axis court                    - Z-WOOD

To play as the Indians, select the St. Joseph team 
in Exhibition mode.
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