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Fortix Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam Achievements:
Achievement                Description	
All birds with one stone - Destroy all towers (at least 2) on a level with 
                           a single capture.
Collector                - Capture 100 powerups.
Dragon Crisis            - Let Xitrof lay 15 eggs on the final level, then win the 
Dragon Master            - Capture 100 dragons.
Face off                 - Capture xitrof.
Flawless Victory         - Complete every level to perfect on any difficulty.
Mission Impossible       - Finish the game on Impossible difficulty.
One more                 - Capture a catapult trigger when there is no more turret 
                           left to shoot out.
Powered Up               - Capture a powerup while you are under the effect of an 
                           other powerup.
The Conqueror            - Conquer at least 40% of the playfield with a single capture.
Triple X                 - Capture at least 3 triggers with one capture.
Zoo Master               - Capture one of each enemies.
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