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Forsaken Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Grim Reaper  

Type in these codes at any menu
BUBBLES      - aktivate Cheat mode on
IAMZEUS      - God mode. Invulnerable, full weapons, unlimited ammo 
               & nitro, 4 powerpods, 2 unknown weapons "SPID" 
               and "THIEF" eyeballs.
THEFULLMONTY - All Level select toggle 
LUMBERJACK   - Missle toggle on. Hit Mug quick key once for normal, 
               twice for spiraling Mug, three times for bouncy Mug.
               Hit Solaris quick key once for normal, twice for homing 
               plasma, three times for powerful blue homing plasma.
JIMBEAM      - Beam toggle on. Hit laser quick key onece for normal 
               laser, twice for electro-beam, three times for superbeam.
IAMMONTY     - All weapons/ammo
TITSOOT      - If you have access to the special ship, turns on the
               "adult" textures.

Stop player from moving after killing an enemy:
If you use a Gravgon to kill your enemy at close range, it stops 
you from moving around like usual.
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