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Foreign Legion Buckets of Blood Cheats

Foreign Legion - Buckets of Blood

Achievements (Steam):
Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

Unlockable          How to Unlock
Blood Hunger      - Make a kill chain of 10 kills.
Chicken Slaughter - Kill all chickens in one round.
Damage Control    - Win the game with all civilians alive.
Death From Above  - Kill 5 enemies with an air raid.
Foreign Legionair - Beat the game in the veteran difficulty.
Handyman          - Repair the town hall 5 times in one round.
Headless Horseman - Make 15 headshots in one round.
My Little Friend  - Find the minigun.
Rocket Man        - Kill 4 enemies with one rocket.
Time Traveler     - Kill all enemy waves in 7 minutes.
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