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Fighting Steel Cheats

Fighting Steel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tip 1: Formations:
The ultimate tactic is "crossing the T." To do so, position your ships so
that they form the top of the T and the enemy forms the leg. Accordingly,
your vessels will be able to fire broadsides at the hapless enemy, while 
the enemy can only engage you with its bow turrets. 

Tip 2: Torpedoes:
Torpedoes serve two purposes. First, they can bring down an enemy ship 
quickly; they were the biggest killer of WWII. Second, they can scatter 
an enemy task force, throwing off its aim and making it easier to defeat.

Tip 3: Ships: 
Stay in the place where you fight. If you have big-gunned ships, stay out
of the lighter-gunned enemy cruisers' range. There is no sense in taking 
unnecessary damage. 

Tip 4: Destroyers:
Destroyers are not battleships; don't try to trade salvos with the bigger
vessels. Destroyers are best used to dart in, launch torpedoes, and then 
dart out. 

Tip 5: Ammunition:
The computer does an excellent job of ammunition selection, but it can 
make mistakes. Make sure that you fire high-explosive ammunition against
thin-skinned vessels (such as destroyers) and armor-piercing weapons 
against the thick-skinned battleships.
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