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Fifa Manager 2006 Cheats

Fifa Manager 2006

Free transfer:
First select the player you want to buy. Also, he must be willing to
join your club. Then submit a bid nearly double the player's value. 
When the offer is accepted, offer contract screen will appear. Offer
the contract and next day you go to shortlist screen and open player's
details and open offer to buy screen. There give "stop negotiations" 
and the player will transfer for free.

Shaun Goater:
If you are playing on "Found a New Club" mode in a rubbish country
(i.e. Luxembourg) at the beginning of the Career buy Shaun Goater for
about 20,000. He is normally top scorer in the league in Luxembourg. 

How to find him: Go to the Transfer List, click on Player Search, and
find Bermuda on Nationality and click search. You should find him there.
If that dosen't work type in Goater in the bottom left hand corner.
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