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Fifa 1997 Cheats

Fifa 1997

Submitted by: Hans Buitelaar & Andrien v.d. Wal

First you have to get the date of your computer 
on: 27-02-1997 and choose the team of Singapore 
and typ this code: LAOCHACHIO
Wanna play dirty?:
On the screen 'Controller Select', choose the keyboard.
On that screen, press [Q].

During play, you can now press [Q],[W],[R] to kick, 
hit,..your opponents.

Bonus team:
Begin game play, with "AC Milan" as a team. Type worldwide during 
the game. When the game resumes, the "AC Milan" team will be 
replaced by the bonus team.

Cheat mode:
Set the system date to February 29, 1996. Change the year to 1997 so 
that the final date is February 29, 1997 to enable cheat mode. Select 
the team from Singapore. Type one of the following codes during game 
play to activate the cheat function. 

Code       Result
kelong   - Hidden players including Abbas Saad and Michael Vana
laochiao - Hidden players including Quah Kim Song and Dollah Kassim
kayu     - Referee dressed in is underwear
lth      - Opponent scores goal against own team
cantona  - Enables flying kicks to crowd
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