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F22 Lightning 2 Cheats

F-22 Lightning 2

Invincibility/ God Mode 
While playing, press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Home. A small 
green X will appear in the lower left-hand corner 
if you did it right. 

Reload Ammo and Fuel 
To reload your ammo and fuel, press 
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Insert.(non-keypad) simultaneously
(in foreign language versions of F-22 Lightning II,
press Ctrl, Alt, Shift and F2).

Stay off Enemy Radar 
To avoid the enemy's radar, fly below 500 feet 
or above 50,000 feet. 

Cow Killer 
Pick the mission 7 on campaign #4. When you take off make 
a heading for 212 degrees (you can read the degree heading 
by looking on the top of the HUD). Switch your weapon to 
the JDAM and make sure you are going in the general area 
of 212 degrees and repeatedly tap tab for radar id you will 
get lock on a cow called Unidentified Norman 4,3,2,or1, you 
can get lock on it with your bombs and blow those cows away
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