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F1 2000 Cheats

F1 2000

Submitted by: RM

Faster car:
Enter Damon Hill as a name in your profile. 

All tracks:
Enter Simonthebest as a name in your profile. 

Faster Hakkinen car:
Type hakkinen is the best at the main menu. 

Mini Cooper:
Enter Pantsgay as a name in your profile.

Imola: Quicker laps:
At the end of the track just before the second from last corner 
is a straight road across the normal track.

Hockenheim: Quicker laps:
There are little roads that go straight across the corner on 
three of the corners.

World champ times:
Try to beat the following times.
Melbourne: 1:23.877
Interlagos: 1:09.821
Imola: 1:18.626
Silverstone: 1:26.223
Nurburgring: 1:28.772
Montreal: 1:10.643
Magnecours: 1:17.932
A1 Ring: 1:12.220
Hockenheim: 1:30.926
Budapest: 1:05.340
Spa: 1:45.897
Monza: 1:11.121
Indianapolis: 1:06.700
Suzuka: 1:37.666
Malaysia: 1:39.634 

Melbourne: Quicker laps:
Note: This trick only works with flags off. Take the grass inside 
turn 1. Take the inside blacktop in turn 2 and the inside area in 
turn 4. Go inside the curbs in turn 5 and take the pit entrance 
until you get to the font straight. 
This will cut about five seconds off your time per lap. 
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