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Skylanders Swap Force Cheats

Skylanders Swap Force

Submitted by David K.

Unlock Nightmare Difficulty:
This feature becomes available when you complete the game.

Hat Locations:
Hats can be found by searching in the indicated areas.


Puma Hat (+10 Armor, +2 Critical Hit %, +10 Elemental Power)

Turkey Hat (+50 Maximum Health)

Mount Cloudbreak

Stovepipe Hat (+5 Armor, +2 Critical Hit %, +5 Elemental Power)

Greeble Hat (+20 Maximum Health)

Cascade Glade

Glittering Tiara (+6 Speed, +2 Critical Hit %, +10 Maximum Health)

Mudwater Hollow

Boater Hat (+3 Speed, +20 Maximum Health)

Rampant Ruins

Boonie Hat (+10 Elemental Power, +10 Maximum Health)

Iron Jaw Gulch

Gaucho Hat (+10 Armor, +10 Elemental Power, +10 Maximum Health)


Roundlet (+5 Armor, +5 Elemental Power, +20 Maximum Health)

Twisty Tunnels

Peacock Hat (+10 Armor, +10 Elemental Power, +10 Maximum Health)

Boney Islands

Fishbone Hat (+9 Speed, +7 Critical Hit %)

Bearskin Cap (+5 Critical Hit %, +10 Elemental Power, +10 Maximum Health)

Winter Keep

Ski Cap (+6 Speed, +30 Maximum Health)

Frostfest Mountains

Beacon Hat (+15 Elemental Power, +30 Maximum Health)

Fantasm Forest

Flower Garland (+10 Critical Hit %)

Kaos' Fortress

Asteroid Hat (+60 Maximum Health)

Soul Gem Locations:
Soul Gems can be found by searching the indicated areas.


Soul Gem (1/2): Hoot Loop

Soul Gem (2/2): Smolderdash

Mount Cloudbreak

Soul Gem (1/2): Pop Thorn

Soul Gem (2/2): Magna Charge

Cascade Glade

Soul Gem (1/3): Countdown

Soul Gem (2/3): Slobber Tooth

Soul Gem (3/3): Rattle Shake

Mudwater Hollow

Soul Gem (1/3): Zoo Lou

Soul Gem (2/3): Free Ranger

Soul Gem (3/3): Bumble Blast

Rampant Ruins

Soul Gem (1/2): Roller Brawl

Soul Gem (2/2): Star Strike

Iron Jaw Gulch

Soul Gem (1/3): Wind-Up

Soul Gem (2/3): Grim Creeper

Soul Gem (3/3): Grilla Drilla


Soul Gem (1/3): Boom Jet

Soul Gem (2/3): Night Shift

Soul Gem (3/3): Scorp

Twisty Tunnels

Soul Gem (1/3): Rip Tide

Soul Gem (2/3): Wash Buckler

Soul Gem (3/3): Fire Kraken

Boney Islands

Soul Gem (1/2): Spy Rise

Soul Gem (2/2): Dune Bug

Winter Keep

Soul Gem (1/2): Stink Bomb

Soul Gem (2/2): Rubble Rouser

Frostfest Mountains

Soul Gem (1/2): Fryno

Soul Gem (2/2): Trap Shadow

Fantasm Forest

Soul Gem (1/3): Blast Zone

Soul Gem (2/3): Freeze Blade

Soul Gem (3/3): Scratch

Kaos' Fortress

Soul Gem (1/2): Punk Shock

Soul Gem (2/2): Doom Stone
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