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Rust Cheats


Submitted by: David K.

Surviving in Rust can be difficult, but keep the following tips in mind to give 
yourself a fighting chance.

* Expect no mercy. If someone sees you on a PvP server, he's going to try to kill 
  you immediately. Plan accordingly. 
* Look for familiar ground. Immediately search out a place where you're comfortable 
  and avoid anywhere crowded. Don't worry about dying at first, or collecting anything
  that isn't convenient. Your goal is to find a worthy place to build. 
* Build in a hidden location. Don't make it easy for someone else to find your stuff. 
  The harder it will be for someone to stumble across your base, the less likely it is
  that someone will do so and try to rob your resources. 
* Start with planks. Find some pigs to provide cloth and food, and gather enough wood 
  to build some planks to serve as a foundation. Then you can build a shelter with two
  walls and two doors, so that you have an alternate exit if someone comes pounding on
  one of your doors. You want a very compact space, and you can stack a fireplace on 
  top of your box to conserve room. 
* Hide out on the first night. Don't do anything to call attention to yourself, since 
  you're still too weak to do much good. Hopefully, you can make something to keep 
  yourself warm during the chill, so that your food consumption rate drops. 
* Upgrade as soon as you can. On day two, there's a good chance you can upgrade your 
  building with metal doors, if you're able to gather enough metal. 
* Consider your layout carefully. As you keep playing, you should be able to expand 
  your shelter. What started as a 1x1 can grow to a 3x3 and even a 5x5, but you need
  to consider your layout carefully. You should place your most precious stuff in the
  middle, and make that room difficult by placing as many metal doors as possible 
  between it and your building's entrance (to give any invaders more fits).
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